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Difference between seamless and precision seamless steel tubes

2018/9/26 1:52:56 Viewers:
Although both kinds of steel pipes belong to seamless steel pipes, the size of seamless pipes is not precise seamless steel pipes dimension precision high mechanical price industry friends know if the wall thickness of the pipe deviates from the wall when re-processing is not as good as the surplus is not enough, it is easy to scrap the product so that the scrap rate increases a lot Precision steel pipe is different from this can be customized according to customer requirements processing size errors are generally in plus or minus 10 wire back to a little bit of processing can completely avoid scrap and small amount of processing generated by scrap material very little greatly reduced material costs!

Precision seamless steel pipe size error plus or minus 10 wire inside and outside bright no oxide scale size accuracy requirements not high products can be completely cut off packaging