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The characteristics of new bearing grinding process are briefly introduced.

2019/5/5 15:47:27 Viewers:
Bearing is an important part of modern mechanical equipment. Its main function is to support the mechanical rotating body, reduce the friction coefficient during its movement, and ensure its rotating accuracy. Rolling bearings are generally composed of outer ring, inner ring, rolling element and cage. In bearing production, grinding is the most complex process. Therefore, how to use new technology and technology to finish grinding process with high precision, high efficiency and low cost is the main task of grinding process for one of the key processes in bearing production. Following is a brief introduction of the characteristics of the new bearing grinding process in Yida Borun Petrochemical Company.

I. Characteristics of New Bearing Grinding
(1) Grinding Technology of High Speed Bearing
High-speed grinding can achieve the two goals of modern manufacturing technology to improve quality and efficiency. In high-speed grinding, the grinding wheel should not only have enough strength, but also have good grinding performance to achieve high grinding effect.
(2) New Bearing Grinding and Grinding
As cubic boron nitride grinding wheel has good processing characteristics, new grinding wheel manufacturing technology, dressing technology, special bearing grinder and grinding oil are being upgraded to meet the progress of grinding technology.
(4) CNC technology for bearing grinding
NC technology can ensure positioning accuracy in high speed and low speed operation. It can accomplish fast jump, fast trend, dressing compensation, rough and fine grinding, which greatly simplifies the feeding mechanism of machine tools and greatly improves the performance reliability.

2. Scheme of New Bearing Grinding
(1) clamping method of bearings
Axial runout can be avoided when bearing grinding is positioned with large cylindrical and technological angle after correcting accuracy.
(2) Cutting allowance of bearings
Cutting allowance is an important parameter to ensure high efficiency and high precision bearing grinding. Usually, the finishing allowance is controlled at the micron level.
(3) Selection of Abrasive Tools for Bearings
Modern grinding technology adopts high-speed grinding to ensure that grinding debris will not stick to the grinding wheel during grinding process and maintain good self-sharpening.
(4) Grinding Speed of Bearings
The rotational speed of the workpiece is related to the diameter of the bearing grinding surface. The rotational speed of the workpiece has a great influence on the grinding scar and surface roughness. Low rotational speed will cause ripple on the grinding surface, increase the surface residual stress, and high rotational speed will cause grinding surface burns.

3. Grinding of New Bearings
(1) Bearing Accuracy
Bearing accuracy is mainly formed by machine tool accuracy, fixture accuracy and grinding process parameters. Therefore, the reasonable determination of grinding coordinates of CNC machine tools and the position of grinding wheel correction coordinates are also important parameters to promote workpiece quality.
(2) Bearing Burns
In the process of bearing grinding, the phenomenon of grinding burn will occur if the technological parameters are unreasonable or the dimensional accuracy of the blank is not well controlled. The main factors causing grinding burn include low linear speed of grinding wheel, low cutting force, large normal force on grinding wheel and workpiece surface, etc.
(3) Bearing Cracks
When the grinding parameters are unreasonable, cracks or micro-cracks will occur on the grinding surface of the mid-hole seat surface after grinding, especially in the pressure chamber of the seat surface, which will cause cavitation on the front edge of the seat and reduce the fatigue strength of the bearing.

4. Selection of New Grinding Oils
(1) Extreme Pressure Performance of Grinding Oil
The special grinding oil contains sulfur extreme pressure and anti-wear additives, which can effectively protect the abrasive tools and improve the process accuracy.
(2) Chemical Properties of Grinding Oil
The special grinding oil has good chemical stability and will not harm equipment, human body and environment.
(3) Other properties of grinding oil
The special grinding oil has passed strict tests in viscosity, flash point, pour point and thermal conductivity to meet various process requirements.
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Above is the treatment plan after the problem of metal grinding process. High quality raw materials are the prerequisite for good grinding quality. In addition, grinding process accuracy is closely related to workpiece surface condition and heat treatment process.