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Key Points of Safety Valve Setting

2019/6/23 18:40:59 Viewers:
The following points should be paid attention to when setting safety valve:

(1) When there are gas and liquid two-phase materials in the container, the safety valve should be installed in the gas phase part.

(2) When the safety valve is used to discharge flammable liquid, the outlet of the safety valve should be connected with the accident tank. When the discharged material is high temperature combustible, the receiving container should have corresponding protective facilities.

(3) General safety valves can be vented in situ. The vent should be higher than 1 m (m) of the operator and should not be directed towards the open flame location, spark emission location and high temperature equipment within 15 m (m). The safety valve vent of indoor equipment and containers should lead out the roof and be over 2 meters (m) above the roof.

(4) When there is a partition valve at the entrance of the relief valve, the partition valve should be in a normal open state and be sealed with lead to avoid mistakes. 4h