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CNC machine tool coordinate direction discrimination rule

2019/8/22 11:18:14 Viewers:

In order to simplify the way of CNC programming and ensure the exchange of recorded data. There are unified criteria for the naming of coordinates and targets of CNC machine tools in the world very early. In 1982, China formulated JB3051-82 “Naming of coordinates and moving targets of CNC machine tools“.

The right-hand Cartesian coordinate system is selected for the naming of the machine tool coordinate system in the unified constitution of the CNC machining criteria. X, Y and Z are used to represent the relationship between the linear feed coordinate axes, X, Y and Z coordinate axes. The right technique decides:

The circumferential feed coordinate axis revolving around the X, Y and Z axes is expressed in terms of A, B and C. According to the right hand helix rule, the target of + A, +B, +C is affirmed, as shown in the figure.

Some of the feeding activities of CNC machine tools are accomplished by the main axis initiating tool activities, and some are accomplished by the worktable with workpiece activities. Normally in programming, no matter whether the machine tool moves in the process or the workpiece is still moving, it will be the same if the workpiece is relatively stationary, while the tool is moving, and the statute cutter is far from the workpiece’s target as the coordinate of the positive target Z axis coincides with the spindle axis, and the tool is far from the workpiece’s target as the positive target (+Z); The axis is perpendicular to the Z axis and parallel to the clamping surface of the workpiece. If a single column milling machine is faced with the main axis of the tool, its right moving target is the positive target of the X axis (+X); the Y axis can be determined according to the right skills of the selected X axis and Z axis.