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How to sell successfully

2018/6/4 19:32:46 Viewers:
It's not how much the Commission is, not the speed of promotion, not the completion of the task, rather than the display of capital. It's that you have more than one person who trusts you in your life.
[the biggest selling enemy]
It's not an opponent, not a price too high, not a rejection of your customers, not a company system, not a product. The biggest enemy is your complaint. Your excuse!
[the maximum ability to sell]

1, customers are the best teachers, peers are the best example, and the market is the best school. Take the length of all, and be longer than all. I learned the working principle of the bottle blowing machine for the PET bottle plastic machine, and I learned from him the working principle of the bottle blowing machine; for the color selection client to sell the machine, I learned from him that the most expensive original in the plastic machine was the color selection lens; the customer selected the machine for the electric box, and I realized that the working ring requirements of the electric box were so high. Many industries I have learned through customers, in time not to sell machines, I can also learn a new knowledge, the new principle, cumulative year by year not only can make me an expert in this air compressor industry, but also in other machinery industry have their own knowledge. Knowledge is invaluable, maybe one day these little knowledge will help me complete a large list.

2, the sense of dependence is greater than strength. 97% of the sales are building trust, and 3% are doing business. Building trust with customers is much more important than simple business relations. In most cases, customers become our old customers because of his trust in us. People are easily dependent on familiar things, refusing to change, like familiar environments and familiar people. Many of our customers may have established trading relationships with us on the basis of trust in you.

3, refusal is the beginning of a deal. Sales is the game of zero deposit and withdrawal. Every time a customer refuses, he saves money for you. Failure to be rejected by the customer is not really a failure, the purchase of goods than the three, perhaps customers in the use of other home products after the discovery is really bad, and then will find you back.

4, sales are the transmission of confidence, the transfer of emotions, the persuasion of physical strength; negotiation is the contest of determination; turnover is the embodiment of willpower. Emotions can be contagious. When you are full of confidence, full of confidence and will to your product, and your health, vigor and vitality, you can let the customer convince you of your personal charm, and try to think who is willing to deal with the dirty and dejected people. Physical and mental health is the foundation of your sales success. Sticking to exercise is your guarantee of success.

5, we must give customers something that contains gold. We must learn to create value and create the value that customers need. Sales are not only for our customers to learn, but also to teach our customers knowledge, because two people have one apple, exchange after each other or two apples, but when the two people have one of their own knowledge, we exchange each other, that is, more than two knowledge, will produce countless knowledge, gold content thing is not That's exactly what we want to sell to our customers.

6, all things must learn to link. The relationship between emotions is greater than interests and cooperative relations, and there must be deep emotional exchanges with customers.
7, customers not only buy products themselves, but also buy products corresponding and extra services. Pre sales service and after-sales service are the performance of the strength of our company, do not do before the sale of grandson, after sale to do master, do our best to serve every customer, make customers feel at home, the value of the purchase of our company's products, customers will be in the service of our reputation will be praised out, information When the time comes, your tiny movements can gradually affect the reputation and prestige of the whole company, as people ask about CF express that the express is expensive but the service is good.

8, connections are money and money, and connections are destiny. More contact with old customers, chatter home often visit, more friends more than one way to go, not necessarily to sell products to visit, can be daily gossip or holidays, gradually strengthen contact.

9, you never have the second chance to establish your first impression on customers. It's the same as the fourth.

10, do not look at the last few days of each month. It is like a 3000 meter long run. When you run 2700 meters, the last 300 meters are important, and the last few days are the most likely to create a miracle.  Jedi survive, perhaps your good luck is at the end of this month.

11, there is no product that can't be sold, only those who can't sell the product; no chopping wood, only the axe is not fast enough; it is not the market recession, but the head is not fighting. Many empathy, products can be sold out, in most cases, or salesmen to sell themselves.

12, first-class salesmen sell themselves; second rate salesmen - selling services; three flow salesmen - selling products; four flow salesmen - selling prices. It's the same as the eleventh.

13, the first impression to be delivered to the customer at the time of sale: I am your friend. I meet you today to make friends with you. All the top masters are the people who will take the customers.

14, sell at any time and anywhere, turn sales into a habit. Growth is always more important than success. You can't make a deal in sales, but you can't grow in sales.

15, it is possible to find common ground with customers.