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Why do some people say that the machinery industry is not good

2018/6/4 19:34:52 Viewers:
Do we often have machines that do not always work well? What do you think after hearing it? I have a shop owner in the same industry. I often say that the machinery industry is not ready to do business. He saw people selling sports equipment to make money, and then he began to invest in sports equipment business for a year, because he did not understand and do business, a year down to lose more than ten thousand. I also heard that the profit of the chip chain board was very high, and began to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars on the mold rental plant for several years. Like his friend said, you picked up sesame and lost the watermelon. The mountain looked at the high mountain.
In fact, which industry has done well and bad, but one rule is to persist in doing hard work. Heaven will not throw away the pie, you will pay how much.