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The road of dedication is not crowded!

2018/6/6 19:00:32 Viewers:
Sales are really a challenging job! It is also the most closely integrated work in terms of action and practice. It is a good job to say that the situation is good, we must get orders, collect money and have no disputes, that is the complete sales.

I contact the machine tool accessories half a month, at the end of May to join in the adventurous and dangerous to talk about an order (2 chip machine) for my machine tool accessories industry and e-commerce small white, just joined the order soon, but also very happy. Even if you start with a fog, if you work hard, what you want will come true. I have always believed in my heart. I choose, no matter how hard I try, I must do well. I don't like people who give up halfway. Because I believe that on the road of dedication is actually not crowded unless you choose to give up easily.

After all, you can never lose your heart. How hard you are trying to understand in sales. Four days in June and fifth days this morning, an order has been received online. In the process of inquiry, the other party said that it is not a professional victory in this respect and you are not professional. If you give me the data, the rest of me will help you answer, now think about the half month of the study is paid.

I have a habit of talking to customers on the Internet and I feel that there are some words that do not communicate well. Communication under line can better improve a sense of trust! Such a "magnetic separator paper tape filter" easily clinched. Although not big or small, there is joy and giggle. As the saying goes, "a little makes a Mick." Shh keeps learning in small bills, growing faster than learning official things.

I always feel that sales are the test of human psychology, such as practicing sword, paying attention to the unity of people and sword and paying attention to the realm. The worst thing to do is to know nothing but to go in and dry. It's like a calf, bumping into and bumping into it. It can sum up experience and lessons, and find the feeling in the sales and grow up slowly. This is the right way. Good salesmen must be trained and disciplining.

I will constantly sum up and reflect on my work in sales, and strive to become an excellent salesperson. I will continue to accumulate experience and step by step, and every step will be firmly on the road ahead. Because this dedicated road is not difficult to walk nor crowded.