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How can ABS injection parts increase brightness?

2018/11/15 18:54:13 Viewers:

1. If the mold cavity is not machined properly, such as scars, micro-holes, wear and roughness, it will inevitably react to the plastic parts and make the plastic parts glossy. To this end, it is necessary to carefully process the mold so that the surface of the cavity has a smaller roughness and polish chromium plating when necessary. 2. If there is oil stain, water stain on the surface of the cavity, or too much release agent, it will make the surface of the plastic parts dark and glossy. To this end, we should remove oil stain and water stain in time, and limit the use of release agent. 3. If the slope of demoulding is too small, it is difficult to demould, or the force is too large when demoulding, which makes the surface of the plastic part glossy, the slope of demoulding should be increased. 4. If the exhaust of the die is not good, too much gas stays in the model, which also leads to poor gloss, the exhaust system of the die should be checked and corrected. 5. If the cross-sectional area of gate or runner is too small or abruptly changed, the shear force acting on the melt is too large when it flows in it, and the melt flows in a turbulent state, resulting in poor gloss. Therefore, the cross-sectional area of gate and runner should be increased appropriately.