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Which kind of marketing channel is better for hardware products?

2019/1/24 10:09:59 Viewers:
Hardware products can be divided into hardware accessories and daily necessities from the use. Different products have their own marketing channels. In recent years, with the entry and maturity of e-commerce channels, some hardware manufacturers are at a loss for the overall marketing channels. So, how many channels are there, such as professional markets, big stores, self-run stores, franchise stores, e-commerce direct sales, and what kind of effect is better to enter?

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Professional Market: Suitable for Middle-end Brand Cluster Management

Professional market has several notable characteristics: first, the industry attribute of the market is strong; second, there are many clustered businesses and brands, each with different areas of independent shops; third, the management category is perfect, can satisfy the one-stop purchasing of buyers; fourth, the market is convenient, customers can drive freely in and out, and carry goods in batches. For example, the hardware market in Shenzhen South China City, the hardware Electromechanical market in Xi'an and Zhengzhou South China City, etc., provide a huge space for purchasers to compare and choose from different aspects of brand, category, price and merchants. Therefore, since the date of operation, it has attracted both supply and demand sides to enter the market. Generally, high-end brands have their own fixed customer groups and channels. It is difficult for middle and low-end brands to compete with them. On the contrary, the emerging professional market is completely open, providing a fair marketing platform for all mature brands and growing brands.

Therefore, the cohesion of large-scale professional market for both supply and demand sides is obvious, its characteristic is the word "professional", which attracts professional businessmen; on the contrary, some small markets will inevitably be phased out because of traffic problems, old city renovation problems, fewer suppliers and other issues. As the majority of small and medium-sized hardware production enterprises, whether operating accessories or finished products, they should first enter the professional market to build channels, in order to make marketing radiation further.

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Big Market: Suitable for High-end Consumer Brands to Enter

The so-called supermarket simply means that tens of thousands of goods are sold together. Because of its high-end, big stores are different from daily grocery stores, convenience stores, wholesale markets and other channels. In the form of retail sales, it attracts the neighboring residents to purchase and consume.

Industry insiders believe that: consumer hardware chooses to set up special counters in brand stores. On the one hand, it wants to build its brand influence with the strong appeal of the stores; on the other hand, it also takes into account the environment, marketing and service system of the stores, which are easy for businesses to operate.

But as the rent of the stores is getting higher and higher, the stores keep opening, and the cost of raw materials and logistics is also increasing. The rising tide brings high cost to the channel of hardware industry. And the same products, and many large brands to compete, their final sales, whether they can meet the expectations of entry? Moreover, once established a relationship with the store, the enterprise will inevitably have dependence, business will be very passive, which requires hardware manufacturers to seriously consider and balance.

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Self-operated Shop: Products with Unique Characteristics and Advantages are Suitable for Self-operated

In order to establish a controllable marketing channel, in recent years, more and more hardware enterprises have focused on the opening and management of their own stores. The advantages of self-owned stores are obvious. On the one hand, they can establish brand image, organize free promotional activities and increase marketing efforts; on the other hand, they can restrain bad behavior of stores through a unified price system. Through the quality assurance of the unified system, the unified standard of after-sales service, and the common attention and supervision of the public, ultimately promote the improvement of customer service level and increase sales.

However, the cost of investment in economy and manpower is very high, which has become an important factor to test the development of enterprises. With the rise of social prices, store rent, employee treatment and training costs are rising. In the fierce competition environment, the opportunities and costs brought by self-owned stores are like a double-edged sword. The pros and cons of self-owned stores depend ultimately on the business operation and market segmentation.

But one thing is certain, that is, the more unique advantages of products, the more suitable for opening self-owned shops.