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What habits can bring more customers to foreign trade?

2019/3/5 18:26:29 Viewers:

Customer follow-up is a hot topic for many foreign traders. Because in the process of follow-up, the customer carelessly no more information, no longer answering the phone; and the original good e-mail communication, suddenly it will sink into the sea.

It is beneficial for us to form a good habit all our lives, but it is not achieved overnight. It takes time to accumulate it slowly. There may be pain and distress in the process. What we should do is to persist and do foreign trade as well

If a foreign trader wants to do a good job in foreign trade, he must first cultivate these good habits.

Keep an eye on the market
Exchange rate, raw material prices, policy changes and so on are closely related to foreign trade, and even foreign market situation will affect export work. If you don't know the market, foreign trade work is like crossing the river blind, the effect can be imagined.

So in the spare time of daily work, we should take the initiative to pay attention to the market situation of the industry, think and analyze more from it, and do foreign trade with thinking, you will become more and more excellent.

Inquiries are decisive and trade-offs are made
After receiving the inquiry, the first thing is to distinguish which is the real one and which is the false one, which should have a procedure to distinguish the false one. Otherwise, once the business starts, you will be submerged in the sea of e-mail.

Generally, from the content of the buyer's inquiry, you can judge which is true and which is false. Emphasis should be placed on dealing with highly targeted e-mails that can be called inquiries.

Mail replies are concise and focused

Mail reply language should be concise, to the point, not verbose. You know, many foreign businessmen have poor patience. Even in their eyes, wasting time is tantamount to making money and killing people.

Learn from the experience of our predecessors
Foreign trade is not a sophisticated job, but it is a work of experience; if you want to do it well and become an excellent foreign trade salesman, you must learn more from the practical experience of our predecessors; success can not be replicated, but experience can be used for reference. Find customer experience, experience in sending development letters, experience in quoting prices, experience in communicating with foreigners, shipment experience, and so on. They can always play a role in guiding you to make correct decisions at a certain time.

Never underestimate the art of dealing with e-mail. Many foreign trade salesmen don't know how to write a good e-mail. This is where inquiries are easily lost.

Professional and appropriate e-mail expression

In fact, it is very difficult to be appropriate. This article not only contains the "appropriate" factors, but also needs to be professional.

Foreign trade is a long journey, need to slowly specialize, expand, develop a good habit will make you walk more smoothly, not only foreign trade, in daily life will also benefit you for life!