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Characteristics of traction folding arm high altitude working platform

2019/6/23 18:30:22 Viewers:
Characteristic of traction folding arm high altitude working platform:

1. The 360-degree rotation of the folding arm high-altitude working platform does not need external power supply. It can work over obstacles and lift smoothly and safely. The folding arm type lifting platform uses folding arm type working arm. The scope and space of the operation are not limited.

2. The folding arm hydraulic elevator adopts the full hydraulic elevator mechanism, which is operable in the platform bucket and the elevator body.

3. The working arm of the elevator can rotate around 360 degrees.

4. The hydraulic system is equipped with a safety explosion-proof valve to prevent the main arm cylinder tubing from bursting.

5. Hydraulic support legs are equipped with hydraulic locking installation to avoid the retraction of the leg cylinder.

6. Hydraulic system is equipped with platform overload automatic maintenance and installation, so as to ensure the safety of operators.

7. All the working arms of the platform are equipped with safety limit installation.

8. Seals of platform hydraulic system are well-known brands both at home and abroad.