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How about the automatic tool setting system for precision parts machining

2019/9/9 14:49:57 Viewers:

In our side, there are many precision parts processing, besides the industry, the use is still comparative, precisely because of the many, it is next to a variety of processing, are required to use it for processing, then precise parts processing of the automatic tool setting system is what?

Precision parts processing is to complete a variety of processes in the automatic form of numerical control equipment, mainly about a constant amount of expenditure homework. However, regarding the die industry and small batch cost units, do not go to the processing center at any time. Many manufacturers buy the processing center for CNC milling.

The use of tool library is very simple for the capital of CNC system, but spindle and tool library, air compressor and various tool holders will increase capital, and programming and adjusting tool library will also consume corresponding time. Therefore, the cost of less than one or two hundred workpieces of the same variety is high and inefficient, although the processing center is not used.

Precision parts processing can use automatic tool alignment system, knife upward assembly, a button, machine tool automatic tool alignment, direct processing, deviation within 0.001 ~0003 mm, compared with automatic time change, not much slower. If it is a precision parts processing center, but there is no automatic tool setting machine tool and no tool library, but there is automatic tool setting machine tool, the efficiency of the latter is much higher than the former.

As for China’s manufacturing industry, the unique thing is that for die and mould cost enterprises, they usually spend on single parts, and have abundant working resources. Therefore, for the processing of parts in small batch industries, we should consider the value of capital abundantly, and do not choose processing center equipment at all. Moreover, there are still many problems in the knife warehouse of Chinese manufacturers.