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Comparisons of Cylinder Application Situations

2019/6/14 5:20:12 Viewers:
Pneumatic and electric systems are not mutually exclusive. On the contrary, it's just a question of different requirements. The advantages of pneumatic actuators are obvious. When faced with harsh environmental conditions such as dust, grease, water or detergent, pneumatic actuators are more adaptable to harsh environment and very durable. Pneumatic actuator is easy to install, can provide a typical grasp function, cheap and easy to operate.

When the force increases rapidly and needs precise positioning, the electric driver with servo motor has advantages. For applications requiring precise, synchronous operation, adjustable and specified positioning programming, electric driver is the best choice. The electric drive system composed of servo or stepping motor with closed-loop positioning controller can supplement the shortcomings of pneumatic system.

From the point of view of technology and use cost, the cylinder has obvious advantages, but in actual use, which technology should be chosen for driving control, or should be considered comprehensively from multiple factors. Modern control systems are becoming more and more complex and sophisticated. It is not a driving control technology that can satisfy various control functions of the system. Cylinders can be used in various harsh working environments, such as explosion-proof, dust-proof or humid conditions.

Electric actuators are mainly used in applications requiring precise control. Now the flexibility requirement of automation equipment is constantly improving. The same equipment often needs to adapt to the processing needs of different size workpieces. Actuators need multi-point positioning control, and precise control or synchronous tracking of the speed and torque of the actuators. These traditional pneumatic control is impossible. Implemented, and the electric actuator can be very easy to achieve such control. It can be seen that the cylinder is more suitable for simple motion control, while the electric actuator is mostly used for precise motion control occasions.