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CNC lathe processing, four language strategies help you to order from customers

2018/12/18 9:54:03 Viewers:
The level of language charm is an important factor in determining your sales image. No matter how strong a salesman's actual working ability is, once the language expression ability is not enough, the customer's evaluation of his ability can not be very high. What's more, salesmen mainly eat by mouth, so a good salesman must have an excellent eloquence. The following edition will share four skills to improve the sales language, for reference! uuuuuuuuuuu

If a salesman wants to make the product introduction attractive, to stimulate the interest of customers and to stimulate their desire to buy, he must pay attention to the art of language. Show customers your language charm. Attention should be paid to the following points:

1. Introduce in a language that the customer understands

Popular and understandable language is more acceptable to the public. Therefore, you should use more popular sentences in language use and make your customers understand. Salesman's introduction of products and trading conditions must be simple and clear, and the way of expression must be straightforward.

If the expression is not clear and the language is not clear, there may be communication barriers, which will affect the transaction. Salesmen should also use the unique language and conversation style of each customer.

Therefore, the first thing a salesman should do is to introduce his products in the language that the customer understands.

2. Move customers with vivid descriptions

"Speaking must impress the customer's heart, not the customer's head." Why do you say that? Because the customer's wallet is nearest to his heart and touches his heart, it touches his wallet.

And the more effective way to impress customers is to depict them visually. It's like when I went shopping with my wife, the lady who bought clothes said a word to my wife, so that she didn't hesitate to take out her wallet. I can't help it.

What did the salesman say to my wife so magically? Simply put on this dress can make you beautiful. "Perfect your beauty," one word moved my wife. This woman shopkeeper is really good at talking and doing business.

In the customer's mind, it is not the customer taking care of her business, but the beauty of her customers. Although this is also a compliment, it sounds totally different.

3. Introducing in a Storytelling Way

Everyone likes to listen to stories, so if we use storytelling to introduce our products, we can get good results.

Every commodity has its own interesting topics: its invention, production process, the benefits of products to customers, and so on. Salesmen can choose vivid and interesting parts and string them into a cheerful and moving story as an effective way to sell.

So sales guru Paul Meyer said, "In this way, you can cater to customers, attract customers'attention, make customers have confidence and interest, and then achieve the purpose of sales without any difficulty."

4. Explaining in Humorous Language

Everyone likes to deal with people who are humorous and funny. Sales is the same. Humor is even the golden key to successful sales. It has a strong appeal and attraction. It can quickly open the door of the customer's mind and make the customer feel good about you, goods or services after a heartfelt laugh, thus inducing purchase motivation and facilitating the rapid completion of transactions.

Therefore, the attraction of a person with linguistic charm to customers is simply unthinkable. Excellent salesman is a person who knows how to integrate the art of language into commodity sales.

It can be said that a successful salesman should cultivate his language charm. With the charm of language, there is the possibility of success.