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What is sales in your mind?

2018/6/5 10:50:34 Viewers:
As a salesman, the easiest thing to do is to give up, like a salesman in our company's machine tool accessories. The main thing he does is (magnetic chip machine, plastic drag chain, protective cover) all the time. And the performance is also outstanding, I do not know what to leave, the leadership also talked to him to talk to him, colleagues have also told him the situation is useless, or quit the job. Comfort sometimes think about it. It's too easy for a person to give up. Just write a resignation report, and even some companies don't have to write it.

As a salesman, the most sad thing is to leave, because as soon as you leave, your previous efforts have been wasted. After contact with other industries or again, as a salesman, it is too easy for you to be successful, because it is a natural thing for you to run, to run, to pay for the fruit. Again, sales are too easy to make people complacent. Once they have a small success, they live with "old qualifications". There is no empty cup of mind, no passion, and naturally there is no result.
Undefined the most difficult and difficult part of salesperson in my mind is always insisting and never giving up! Never give up! Always like a new person, always have endless customers, in fact, this is also difficult to say.
Undefined let's think about it. Why do you do this job? Do you feed yourself for money or to help others? If only for money, you may be able to do five years, or eight years, but after half a year, you will find that you have nothing, the money is fast, go faster.

I have been thinking that a person without a big ideal is not a long job, just like some enterprises, the goal is not clear, the last flash in the pan, say nothing.

When you choose an industry, or choose a company, think about it, in addition to money, why do this industry, only if you think well, when you encounter difficulties, you will not shrink, only persevering, in the persistence, only one thing in a lifetime, can continue to succeed.

In fact, the definition is different in every salesperson's mind, but as long as you determine his value, don't give up easily.