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Points for attention in hydraulic motors

2018/10/25 18:51:03 Viewers:
1. When the inertia of the driven parts is large, if it is required to brake or reverse or align in a short time, safety valve cushion should be set in the oil return circuit to prevent damage accidents caused by sharp hydraulic impact.

2. When using the quantitative motor, if you want to start and stop smoothly, you should adopt the necessary pressure control or flow control method in the loop design.

3. When the hydraulic motor is used as the power part of the lifting tool or the walking device, the speed limit valve must be set to prevent the heavy object from falling rapidly or the vehicle and other walking mechanism from overspeeding when it goes downhill, which causes serious accidents.

4. Because the hydraulic motor always leaks, so the hydraulic motor's inlet and outlet will be closed to brake, it will still have a slow slip, when a long time of braking, should be set up to prevent rotation of the brake.

5. When starting at full load, we should pay attention to the starting torque value of hydraulic motor, because the starting torque of hydraulic motor is smaller than the rated torque, if neglected, the working mechanism will be unable to operate.

6. Because the back pressure (outlet pressure) of the hydraulic motor is higher than the atmospheric pressure, the motor's oil drain pipe must be separately led back to the tank, and can not be connected with the return pipeline of the hydraulic motor.