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Matching Skills of Shock Absorbers

2019/5/7 16:43:40 Viewers:
First, check whether the product provides 2-3 inch elevation requirements, some products only provide 2 inch elevation, barely used to 3 inch elevation, it is easy to pull to the limit in cross-country damage.
Secondly, whether the diameter of the expansion rod in the center of the shock absorber can reach more than 16 mm is a basic index of strength.
Thirdly, whether the upper and lower connection sleeves of the shock absorber are high strength polyurethane sleeves is also an important basis for ensuring long-term high strength use, because ordinary rubber is difficult to use for long time under high strength.
The shock absorber is mainly used to restrain the vibration of spring when it rebounds after vibration absorption and the impact from the road surface. Although the shock absorber spring can filter the vibration of the road surface when passing through the uneven road surface, the spring itself will also have reciprocating motion, and the shock absorber is used to suppress the spring jump. If the shock absorber is too soft, the car body will jump up and down. If the shock absorber is too hard, it will bring too much resistance and hinder the normal work of the spring. Shi Xiaohui said that in the process of refitting the suspension system, hard shock absorbers should be matched with hard springs, and the hardness of the springs is closely related to the weight of the vehicle, so the heavier vehicles generally use harder shock absorbers. In order to design the best combination of shock absorber and spring, it is necessary to constantly try in refitting. Professional refitting stores can generally find the best match for owners.