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CNC Machining for automobile gear

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Gears are the main basic components in the automotive industry. The quality of gears directly affects the noise, stability and service life of automobiles. Gear manufacturing machine tool is a complex machine tool system and a key equipment in automobile industry. According to different gear types, gear cutting machine tools can be divided into two categories: cylindrical gear machine tools and bevel gear machine tools.


Forging billet


Hot die forging is still a widely used blank forging process for automotive gear parts. This technology is especially suitable for the complex step shaft billet making. It not only has high precision, but also has low afterorder margin and high efficiency.


With the rapid development of machine tool equipment and tool material technology, CNC cutting lathe and grinding technology are widely used in automobile gears.


3. clamping method

Only when the clamping datum is consistent with the measuring datum should it be a reasonable and scientific method, which usually varies with the different structural shapes of gears. Usually three jaws are used to clamp the end face of the inner hole groove. Axle gears are mainly clamped by the top, while conical plugging is used when the aperture is large.

IV. Design of Fixtures

Fixture needs the consistency of process datum and measurement datum to realize the end clamping of inner groove, which is convenient and accurate. It is necessary to understand the structure of machine tools, determine the size of the connection with auxiliary guidance, this process is very good to ensure the consistency of workpiece size.


V. Selection of Oil Products

The factors affecting the cutting accuracy of super automobile gears are roughly cutting datum, cutting tool accuracy, rationality of cutting tool, quality of workpiece raw materials, performance of cutting oil, etc. Gear cutting oil is usually selected according to the material of gear workpiece, such as inactive vulcanized gear cutting oil should be selected to avoid rust when cutting carbon steel gears.


6. Blank Cutting

Gear blank cutting plays an important role in the whole gear manufacturing process, because the benchmark used in gear surface cutting and testing must be completed at this stage. Whether to improve efficiency or to ensure the quality of gears, we must attach importance to the cutting of gear blanks.


7. Tooth End Cutting

There are chamfer, chamfer, chamfer and deburring methods in gear end processing, which must be done before gear quenching. The chamfered and chamfered gears are easy to enter the meshing state to reduce the impact when shifting. The chamfered edges can remove the tip edges and burrs of the teeth, etc.

VIII. Carburizing Treatment


Carburizing and quenching are required for automobile gears to ensure good mechanical properties and stable and reliable heat treatment process.


Grinding Technology


The main purpose is to improve the dimensional accuracy and reduce the tolerance of shape and position by finishing the inner hole, the end face and the outer diameter of the shaft of the gear after heat treatment.

These are the process steps of gear manufacturing process. Reasonable selection of machine tools and equipment can effectively reduce investment and improve efficiency.



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