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CNC Machining for Three grasping nut

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Our workshop is machining services for CNC Machining parts, metal stamping parts, turning parts, cnc parts, Springs,coldforming parts, machining parts, screw machine parts, casting parts, forging parts supplier, Wecan produce machined parts according to your requirements.

machining parts: Hydraulic, valve, flange, automobile, shaft, bearing housing Bar, plate,welded part, marine part, winch part, sheet metal Equipment: Common lathe,CNC Machine,Milling,Turning,Stamping Machine,Spring Machine

Metal Process: CNC turning, milling, drilling, planning, grinding, welding. Surface Treat: Zn (Cr3 RoHS free or Cr6 ) plated, Cr /Ni plated, hot-dip galvanizing, paint,anodize, powder coating, brush, Polish Technical: Dedicated mechanical designer, experienced worker 3D design service inclusive of modeling, analysis and detailed drawing at normal cost

Quality: ISO 9001: 2008 
Control strictly and follow specification 
Move fast to meet your urgent need caused by accident. 

Packing: Wooden case, hardboard, steel pallet, accord


From the overall installation structure of CNC CNC system, there are two kinds of integral structure and split structure.

The so-called monolithic structure is the CRT and MDI panel, operation panel and function module board composed of circuit boards installed in the same box. The advantage of this method is that it is compact and easy to install, but sometimes it may cause some signal connections to be too long. The split structure usually makes the CRT and the MDI panel, the operation panel and so on as a component, and the circuit board composed of the functional modules is installed in a chassis, which is connected by a wire or fiber. Many CNC machine tools take the operating panel as a single part, which is due to the different requirements of the machine tool, the operation panel should be changed accordingly, and the composition and body style is beneficial to the replacement and installation.

The installation of CNC operation panel on machine tools includes hanging type, bedside type, control cabinet type, control desk type and so on.

From the structural characteristics of the CNC circuit board, there are two common structures, that is, large panel structure and modular structure. The characteristic of big board structure is that a system usually has a big board, it is called the motherboard. The main board is equipped with a master CPU and a position control circuit for each shaft. Other related sub boards, such as ROM board, part program memory board and PLC board, are inserted directly on the main board to form the core part of the CNC system. It can be seen that the large plate has compact structure, small size, high reliability, low price, high performance / price ratio, and easy to integrate design of machine tools. Although the large plate structure has the above advantages, its hardware function is not easy to change and is not conducive to the organization of production.

Another high flexible structure is the open system structure of bus modularization. Its characteristic is to make CPU, memory, input and output control into plug-in board (called hardware module), and even CPU, memory, input and output control to form an independent microcomputer level hardware module, and the corresponding software is also a module knot. Structure, solidified in the hardware module.  Hardware and software modules form a specific functional unit, which is called function module. Functional modules have well-defined interfaces, interfaces are fixed, become factory standards or industrial standards, and they can exchange information with each other. Therefore, the CNC system can be made up of building blocks, which makes the design simple, with good adaptability and expansibility, short trial production period, convenient adjustment and maintenance, and high efficiency.

According to the CPU and structure used in CNC system, the hardware structure of CNC system is generally divided into two categories: single CPU and multi CPU structure. The initial CNC system and some current economic CNC systems use a single CPU structure, and the multi CPU structure can meet the requirements of high speed, high machining precision and many complex functions of CNC machine tools. It also adapts to the need of integration into FMS and CIMS operation, thus getting the rapid development. It reflects the new water of the CNC system today. Flat.

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