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CNC Turning for RC Car Wheel

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Our multiple axis CNC turning centers enable us to manufacture very complex parts with shorter lead times in both production and prototype size lots. We are machining service for metal parts, turning parts, cnc parts, Springs,coldforming parts, machining parts, screw machine parts, casting parts, forging parts supplier,Undertake all types of large lathe processing business, according to customer requirements and plans to sample processing, price concessions , better quality, timely delivery.

machining parts: Hydraulic, valve, flange, automobile, shaft, bearing housing Bar, plate,welded part, marine part, winch part, sheet metal Equipment: Common lathe,CNC Machine,Milling,Turning,Stamping Machine,Spring Machine

Metal Process: CNC turning, milling, drilling, planning, grinding, welding. Surface Treat: Zn (Cr3 RoHS free or Cr6 ) plated, Cr /Ni plated, hot-dip galvanizing, paint,anodize, powder coating, brush, Polish Technical: Dedicated mechanical designer, experienced worker 3D design service inclusive of modeling, analysis and detailed drawing at normal cost


In order to avoid the speed reducer cannot pass the factory test, one of the reasons is the existence of intermittent high noise in the reducer; the low noise reducer is 72.3Db (A) with the ND6 precision sound level meter, and the high noise reducer is 82.5dB (A), which can not reach the factory requirements. After repeated tests, analysis and improvement tests, the conclusion is that it is necessary to comprehensively control every link of production so as to effectively reduce the noise of gear transmission.

1, control the precision of gear: the basic requirements of gear accuracy: through practice, the precision of gear must be controlled in the GB10995 887~8 level, the line speed is higher than the 20m/s gear, the limit deviation of the tooth distance, the radial runout tolerance of the ring gear and the tolerance of the tooth direction must be stable to the 7 level precision. In order to achieve the 7 grade precision gear, the teeth should be inverted, and the root of the tooth should be strictly protected.

2, control the quality of raw materials: high quality raw materials are the prerequisites for the production of high quality products. Our company's largest materials 40Cr and 45 steel make gears. No matter what way, raw materials must undergo strict chemical composition test, grain size measurement and purity evaluation after they are finished. The purpose is to adjust the deformation of heat treatment in time and improve the quality of tooth profile machining.

3, to prevent heat treatment deformation: gear blanks after rough machining into fine forgings, normalizing or quenching and tempering to achieve:

(1) soften steel parts for cutting.

(2) elimination of residual stress;

(3) refining grain and improving microstructure to improve mechanical properties of steel.

(4) prepare for the eventual handling of organizational readiness. It should be noted that in normalizing or tempering treatment, the temperature of the furnace must be kept uniform and the work position appliance is adopted to heat and cool the workpiece evenly and strictly forbidden to be stacked together. The gear that needs drilling to lighten weight should be arranged after heat treatment. The final heat treatment of the gear is used to quench the tooth surface with small deformation, and the tooth surface after high frequency quenching has high strength, hardness, wear resistance and fatigue limit, while the heart still maintains sufficient plasticity and toughness. To reduce the deformation. Low quenching temperature and shorter heating time, uniform heating and slow cooling should be adopted for high frequency quenching of tooth surfaces.

4, to ensure the precision of the tooth blank: the precision of the size of the gear hole needs to be around the middle difference of the deviation value of the hole, which is set at + 0.003~ + 0.005mm; if the super difference is in the range of the design requirements of the hole, it must be classified and transferred to the cutting process respectively. The end face runout and radial runout of gear blanks are 6 levels, set in the range of 0.01~0.02mm.

5, cutting processing measures: for purchased gear cutting tools must be tested, must meet the AA level requirements. When the gear tool is sharpened, the radial of the front edge of the cutter, the difference of the adjacent circumference of the chip tank, the maximum cumulative error of the circumferential section of the chip, and the parallelism between the front of the cutter tooth and the axis of the inner hole must be tested. On the premise of not affecting the strength of gear, the coefficient of tooth top height is increased, the 0.05~0.1m is increased, the tooth top height coefficient of the cutter is improved, and the gear root interference is avoided. The gear of M=1~2 is made by gear hob with the top of tooth, and the amount of repair is R=0.1~0.15m. Eliminate the burr on the top of the gear and improve the interference at the top of the gear. The gear cutting equipment must carry out a precision check every year. If it fails to meet the requirements, it must be repaired. The operator also has to carry out self-examination, especially in the radial clearance of the spindle of the machine tool under 0.01mm, the cutter shaft diameter less than 0.005mm, and the cutter shaft moving below 0.008mm. Tool installation accuracy: the tool radial runout is controlled below 0.003mm, and the end face is 0.004mm below. The accuracy of cutting tooling, the gap between spindle diameter and workpiece hole is guaranteed to be within 0.001~0.004mm. The thread on the spindle must be positioned under the top class, grinding by the thread bed: the perpendicularity is less than 0.003mm, and the diameter is less than 0.005mm. The nut must be ensured that the internal thread is fitted with the datum plane once, and the parallelism of the gasket is less than 0.003mm.

6, civilized production: more than 30% of gear transmission noise comes from burrs and bumps. It is a passive practice for some factories to remove burrs and bruises before gear boxes are assembled. (1) gear shaft parts, the gear hobbing teeth immediately put on the special plastic protective sleeve then into the next process, and with a special plastic protective sleeve to the storage and delivery.  (2) honing process, reducing the roughness of the tooth surface, removing burrs, and preventing knock injuries, can effectively reduce gear transmission noise.

7, take other materials and heat treatment, surface treatment methods: (1) can use powder metallurgy molding technology, gear forming after tooth high frequency quenching. (2) use soft iron and gear to process soft nitriding. (3) using 40Cr material, after gear cutting, soft nitriding or copper plating on teeth is used. In a comprehensive way, the noise of the gear transmission should be cured, the gear material and heat treatment are essential, the precision of the tooth billet is guaranteed, the gear precision is the key and the civilized production is the foundation.

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