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The mirror instruction |publisher:chengchuang | date:2014/12/2 7:50:06  (Large Middle Small )

 The mirror instruction

Image processing instructions M21, M22, M23. When only the mirror of X axis and Y axis, cutting cutter movingsequence (milling and milling cutter compensation),direction, circular interpolation steering will be contrary tothe actual procedure, as shown in figure 1. When alsomirrored on the X axis and Y axis, path knife cutter compensation sequence, direction, circular interpolation tounchanged.

Note: use the mirror instruction must be carried out with the M23 to cancel, so as not to affect the following programs. In G90 mode, use the mirror or cancel orders, to return to the workpiece coordinate origin to use. Otherwise, the CNC system can not be calculated trajectory behind, there will berandom walk the knife phenomenon. This must be implemented manually origin

Recovery operation to solve. Not with the spindle steeringmirror instruction change.

Fig. 1 image cutter compensation, clockwise change

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