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pause instruction for cnc machining |publisher:chengchuang | date:2014/12/2 7:45:17  (Large Middle Small )

 G04X (U) _/P_ refers to tool pause time (feeding stops, the spindle is not stop), numerical P or after the X address isthe pause time. Numerical X back to the decimal point,otherwise this numerical calculation in seconds, 1/1000, (s)as a unit, behind P values can not be with a decimal point(i.e., integer representation), in milliseconds (MS) as a unit.

For example, G04 X2.0; or G04 X2000; pause 2 seconds G04 P2000;

But in some hole processing instructions (such as G82, G88and G89), in order to guarantee the roughness of the bottom of the hole, when the tool processing to the bottom of the hole should be suspended time, at this time can only use the address of P expresses, if expressed with address X, then the control system that X is executed value X axis coordinate. For example, G82X100.0Y100.0Z-20.0R5.0F200P2000; drilling (100.0100.0) to the bottom of hole pause 2 seconds

G82X100.0Y100.0Z-20.0R5.0F200X2.0; drilling (2.0100.0)to the bottom of the hole will not suspend.

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