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12-3-11  Straightedge
    Straight edges and angles are hair test equipment and gauges of metal working from hardened steel. They are used to check surfaces for flatness (flatness) and straightness. The form is basically a st
12-3-11  Shaper
    A shaping machine, often called shaper is a machine tool for removing metal with horizontal-linear movement of the chisel, the thrusting.
    Spring testers pointed circles are the metal working steel. They serve as a measurement of distances and drilling tools. In addition to the processing of the metal spring pointed compass is also used
12-3-11  planer machine
    Portal-planing machine for metal working Planers are both in the wood used as well by cutting the metal. In contrast to the slotting machines the workpiece takes place of the bit the feed movement.
    In the art is referred to as galvano or galvanic engraving a combined etching process which is both a chemical and a galvanic reaction involves. Compared with the usual etching has the galvano the adv
    Carbonation or coaling refers to the coverage of the surface of electrodes made of sheet metal or wire mesh of electron tubes with a thin, blackened carbon coating. The PL802 is clearly visible,
    One of the fundamental distinctions between feeder and transfer the recording of the transported material. As a feeder, as described above, most of accesses to a part that lifts a transfer to the work
    The combination of presses for the handover of the material to be processed between the individual machine is called concatenation. This can, for example, portal systems (also often called feeder), ro
12-3-11  Street Press
    The machines can be operated individually or in combination. If multiple presses to a composite summary refers to this as a press line. The reason for the concatenation of individual plants is in the
    The further processing of the cutting boards are manufactured, as the name suggests, the press shop already, by pressing. Depending on the size, shape and thickness of the part to be manufactured diff
12-3-11  2D laser
    For the cutting of the form boards in addition to the above-mentioned method can also be a 2D laser. In this a movable in two axes portal moves over the workpiece and cuts out the circuit board by mea
12-3-11  Cutting
    In the area of ​​the blank, there are different types of plants. Although their function is not identical, the principle is very similar: from a small coil plates are produced, the metal f
    A stamping plant means an industrial unit with one or more presses for forming (stamping) of metal sheets (PCBs) into pressed parts. Stamping plants will be operated primarily in the automotive, aero
    By a rotation system will be discussed, if in addition to automatic workpiece change and the turrets and the tools can be changed and possibly even beyond that, the clamping device or the automated me
12-3-10  Turning cells
    Turning cells offer from the low-to high-volume production and to consist of CNC lathe along with a charging device for Werkstückver and sanitation, and possibly a transportation system. In the s
    Until the 1980s, more powerful computers in the machine tool industry rampage, were cam-controlled lathes for over half a century one of the essential factors of industrial production. Operating princ
    Watchmakers Lathe Not only in the mass production of special lathes are viable, even for small batches, machine needs to be built in accordance with standard components on a modular basis. There are
    Rotary peeling machines occupy a special position at the lathe, as here, the tool rotates and the feed is usually made from the workpiece. They are used for cylindrical turning of bar stock to an equa
    Especially in the optical range in the manufacture of mirrors, in the form of non-ferrous metals and inserts for hard turning of hardened steels, the so-called ultra-precision machines are used. High-
12-3-10  Front lathes
    In front lathes short workpieces are machined, not requiring supporting through the tail stock, such as brake drums. The lathe bed is or is perpendicular to the rotational axis of the spindle, resulti
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