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12-3-10  Flat-bed lathes
    Flatbed lathes (or facing machine) always have a horizontally disposed bed and a horizontal main spindle. Due to the rigid construction can result in serious pieces worn and high machining forces are
12-3-10  Lathes used
    For the production of large quantities of simple parts (eg screws, nuts, etc.) lathes are used, the one equipped with several tools and a mechanical sequence corresponding bars drive in controlled sli
    Vertical lathe for small work pieces have a movable vertical spindle, which takes usually a lining. In most cases, the spindle "attached" to a horizontal guide and performs some or all of th
    Runner of a Francis turbine on a turret lathe, milling of grooves here A lathe with a vertical spindle for very large workpieces are called vertical lathe single column and double column design, but
12-3-10  Universal lathes
    The universal lathe, which nowadays is no longer certain types, but points to a range of applications. They are either mechanically automated machines such as a Screw-cutting lathe with accessories or
    The manually operated Lathe is now the most widely used machine with a share of more than 50% [4] all sold lathes and forms the basic shape of the universal lathe. On it can be applied to almost all t
    The lathes can be divided on the one hand from an application perspective, that meet their requirements. On the other hand, the design and structure of the machine criteria to distinguish. In practice
    The "turning length between centers" is often measured by the chuck of the lathe is removed and a short drive center mounted in the hollow spindle, will rise out of the little scharfgratigen
    The tailstock is used to support long turned parts using a center point, which engages the end face of the workpiece into the center hole is introduced. Conventional machines are equipped with a quill
12-3-10  Lathe Tool slide
    Drum turret of a CNC Universal Lathe Moves on the bed in the longitudinal direction than most cross support running tool carriage on which the cross slide moves transversely to the rotational axis. A
12-3-10  Lathe Feed
    Hand operated universal lathes still have a feed gear which derives power from the spindle and feed change gears and gear to control and feed rod transmits. Numerically controlled machines have, howev
12-3-10  Lathe Headstock
    The headstock is located at almost every machine on the left. In strong, biased and adjustable precision bearings is out there, the work spindle, which is often constructed as a hollow shaft, as this
12-3-10  Lathe bed
    The machine bed is horizontal at both ends of the frame and carries the tool slide, tailstock and steady rest. As always at the cutting lathes engaged, machine parts are caused to oscillate, a Spanung
12-3-10  Lathe Frame
    The frame is either a welded steel construction or constructed of cast iron, often as a composite structure with concrete and plastic. It carries the weight of all components, starts from the forces f
12-3-10  Lathe History
    A lathe in 1889, left the headstock with various pulleys, the right of the headstock in the center of the tool carriage (support) The emergence of the lathe can be no longer a precise date, but it is
    High acquisition costs (plus machine tools), but what are the big drop in prices in the sector of electronic controls to narrow. From an economic point of view is worth today the acquisition of a conv
    Clean working Increase productivity High volumes with consistent quality Reduction of tool wear (due to constant conditions) No manual intervention is required (except for tool offsets) Constant
12-3-10  CNC Lathe Use
    Working on CNC lathes is both a workload for the operator, because you have automatic self program is executed repeatedly, while a spin observed on a manually or mechanically driven conventional lathe
    On more modern machines is a high degree of automation possible with the help of feeder and discharge systems, some machines can also perform independent measurements, thus making the burden on operat
12-3-10  CNC Lathe Tools
    For CNC machines there as well as other rotating machinery, a variety of tools for almost all common operations. The main tools are various inserts for machining round or square material and drill and
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