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How to Reduce the Scrap Rate in the machining of Precision Machine Parts

2019/8/20 11:25:58 Viewers:

How to reduce the scrap rate of parts in precision machining? The following is the understanding of precision workpiece CNC machining knitting, hoping to help you.

In the process of precision machining, the design of workpiece should be correct. In the process of design, it should be studied whether the processing is simple, whether the process and requirements meet the essential conditions of the workshop and market supply, whether the precision machining enterprises need to provide improved equipment, high precision processing equipment and inspection equipment. In terms of material usage, it is also important to calculate the raw materials required for each workpiece, process placement, and processing methods, and to comply with strict process requirements.

In precision machining, the first step of the processing staff is to see clearly the technical requirements of the drawings. Complying with the process is the basic of precision machining. Check the drawings of the parts are intact and accurate, and analyze the accuracy, surface integrity and technical requirements of the key surface of the parts under the existing production conditions. Therefore, in the timely and wonderful experience of mechanical processing, some people who have experience in mechanical processing may also wish to reduce the scrap rate of the workpiece.

To sum up, we should see through the technical requirements of the drawings; follow the process; select the appropriate speed feed; precisely select the tool angle; cut the workpiece to meet the requirements to complete the processing mission; accurate and practical measuring tools, comply with strict process requirements. Product quality is the key to decide the success or failure of enterprises, so it is not too late to reduce the scrap of precision machined workpieces and improve the quality of workpieces for every precision machined workshop. CNC Machining service