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Cleaning Method of Sewing Machine

2019/6/14 5:15:19 Viewers:
(1) Cleaning of the feeding teeth: Remove the screw between the needle plate and the feeding teeth, remove the hair and dust, and add a small amount of sewing oil.

(2) Shuttle bed cleaning: Shuttle bed is the core of sewing machine work, but also the most vulnerable place to failure, so it is necessary to often remove dirt and add a small amount of sewing oil.

(3) Cleaning of other parts: The surface of the sewing machine and all parts of the panel should be cleaned regularly and kept clean.

Oiling and lubricating method of sewing machine:

(1) refueling parts: oil holes on the head, lubricating upper axle and parts connected with the upper axle; parts in the panel and moving parts connected with each other; lubricating foot and needle rods and parts connected with them; wiping off the moving parts of the lower parts of the machine plate and adding less oil.

(2) Attentions should be paid to the maintenance of sewing machines: after work, insert the needle into the pinhole plate, lift the foot, and cover the head with the hood to prevent dust from intruding into the machine; when starting work, check the main parts first, how to step up, whether there are any special sounds, whether the needle is normal, and so on. If abnormal phenomena are found, the machine should be repaired in time; After that, a major overhaul should be carried out. If the worn parts are found, new ones should be replaced.